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Karen La Du began in December 2009, setting size limit:  5' by 7', and medium: collage. Collage=layers of papers. Asana practice=layers of poses. With years of formal training in both disciplines I was comfortable abandoning rational thinking to intuition.

For the next two years, Karen let disciplines compliment each other. First year: collage. Next year: paint. Some mornings yoga then art making, some the reverse. Some days nothing and the next a make up day. "Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans", John Lennon wisely remarked.

Karen can now show you 365 collages as well as 365 paintings. Seeing them all together is exhilarating, not because each one is a masterpiece, but because the progress and process of her visual creative output for one entire year is visible. With equal awe, Karen feels the power the discipline of a daily yoga practice has exerted on this project. Her mind is in sync with my body as never before.

Stop reading. Unroll mat. Place materials on table. Practice asana. Glue papers. Pick up brush. Keep an instinctive flow. Breathe. Cherish results: body, mind, soul.

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The sketchbook is the artist's most valuable tool.  Inside are found in text and pictures, the genesis of the artist's work. 

La Du opens her sketchbooks to you here beginning with the newest one she is toting around and going back to some from way back.

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The Studio @ 56

See what's new there re-visit the renovation.

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Yoga Kathanika

The beauty of the silhouettes formed by our own bodies as we flex them into the ancient yoga asanas transformed into whimsical “characters” who bounce, balance and bend through their black and white world, bringing awareness to our spiritual connection with the cosmos; with all creatures great and small.

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Eye Will Not Be Silenced


My experience as an artist & art educator is not unique.

Being silent while I continue to work is my statement.


Not by art professors playing favorites.

Not by corporate directives.

Not by school closings.

Not by hiring practices.

Not by having my subject of expertise called "A SPECIAL."

Not by fear of failure, because it is only in NOT DOING that you have failed.

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What is Yoga: Art in Motion?

Through the telling of an entertaining tale of animals and their adventures, participants will be guided through a basic understanding of Yoga postures (asanas), resulting in a related arts project based on a famous work of art.

The program is offered to schools, community centers, home schooled children, and yoga studios as a way to incorporate these two enriching disciplines.

It can be adapted to fit individual needs by altering the time frame, the content and the difficulty of the projects according to the age and ability levels of the students.



The Complete Works of Karen La Du

Karen La Du's works from over the years (many for sale). This collection includes mediums in painting, sculpture, collage and crafts.

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