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The mission of TKYTOO is to offer affordable fine art & reproductions to everyone; to educate all ages in the production & history of the fine arts, and to renew & repurpose commercial, retail & living spaces to become unique reflections of the clients' creative aesthetic... Everyone should own art and have practical, beautiful spaces in which to create, relax or conduct business.

TKYTOO: A funny way of saying "IMAGINATION".

The storm named Sandy changed my life forever.
I am fortunate to have seen the surging ocean waters from the fortress of my family home.
I am fortunate that we found shelter over 3 weeks while the house dried out.
I am fortunate that my Mom, my daughter, our Five Black & White Cats and I are safely back in our home.
Chaos is my middle name these days and Serendipity my first.
I have learned to turn on a dime and enjoy it as plans and situations change that fast :)
I have learned that kindness, compassion & a true sense of selflessness bring the most interesting people into our lives.
The energy works both ways!
If I was fearless before Sandy I am FOREVER FEARLESS after Sandy.
May you all experience a pivotal time in your lives where a seemingly terrible situation brings true grace and peace to you as I have.
Enjoy the journey of your life.
It's the only one you have.

"We're all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

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